Egg Sandwiches
(Served on Biscuit, Bagel)   Croissant +$.50

Plain Bagel        $1.50     with   Cream Cheese
Egg and Cheese                                               
Bacon, Egg and Cheese
Ham, Egg and Cheese
Sausage, Egg and Cheese
Double Sausage and Cheese
Double Sausage, Egg and Cheese
Side Orders
Bacon, Baked Ham, or Sausage Patties        
Fresh Seasonal Fruit Bowl                                
Three Egg Omelettes
(served with fresh fruit and biscuit)

Cheddar Cheese
Ham and Cheese
Mushroom and Cheese
Tomato, Broccoli and Cheese
Western (ham, green chiles, and cheese)
Seafood (shrimp, crab, tomato, and mushrooms)
Big Breakfast
2 Eggs Up, Over or Scrambled with fresh fruit.
Choice of Ham, Bacon, or Sausage Patties and Biscuit
Thick French Toast (side of fresh fruit)                      $5.50

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice  (16 oz.)
Bottled Fruit Drinks                                 
Milk or Chocolate Milk  (16 oz.)              
Coffee  (Regular / Decaf)              
(Free Refills)                          Large        
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