The Gingerbread House Bakery

Espresso Shots                        $2.00
Americana                                $2.50
Latte                                         $3.75
Cappuccino                              $3.75
Breve                                        $4.25
Mocha                                      $4.25
Red Eye
(Regular Coffee + Shot)             $3.75
Add a Flavor +                          $ .50
Almond                        Amaretto
Caramel                       Creme De Menthe
English Toffee           Gingerbread       
Hazelnut                      Irish Cream
Raspberry                   Vanilla
Hot Tea                                $2.00
Ginger Spiced Chai Tea      $4.00
Red Espresso (Caffeine Free)        $2.50
Hot Chocolate                      $3.50
Strawberry– Banana
Sea Turtle
Caramel and Chocolate

Bear Claw
English Toffee and Almond

White Chocolate and Gingerbread Syrup

Mint Cream Mocha
Chocolate, Irish Crème and Crème de Menthe

White Rabbit
White Chocolate and Raspberry

Kyle Bush
Chocolate and Peanut Butter
Specialty Drinks
16 oz.
Hot, Iced or Frappé  $4.75
Teas / Red Espresso / Hot Chocolate
Espresso Flavors $.50 ea.
Cold Drinks   16 oz.
Red Camel         $3.75
Red Espresso Tea & Caramel Syrup
Served Hot, Iced or Frozen!!
Caffeine Free
Milk Shakes                 $4.75
Smoothies                    $4.75
Hot Espresso Drinks
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